Oud with Sinan Samanli

Sinan Samanli is an oud player and composer trained at the Mimar Sinan State Conservatorium in Istanbul and at the Fine Arts University of Graz. He regularly performs with the oud over a wide musical spectrum ranging from classical ottoman makam music to contemporary classical music. 

The oud is a versatile instrument with a rhythmic as well as vocal quality and is capable of playing both accompanimental and solistic roles in an ensemble. Learning to play the oud can broaden one’s horizons greatly as it is an integral part of many musical traditions from Madagascar to Greece, from Indonesia to Marocco. It is the precursor of the European guitar and is similar to it in many ways, however guitarists doubling on the oud must learn making fundamental adjustments in their playing technique and musical approach early on if they wish to get the most of what the oud offers.

Course details:

  • courses held in German, English or Turkish
  • one on one or in small groups
  • weekly 1,5 hour sessions
  • course is aimed at students of all levels as well as professional guitarists learning the oud
  • participants must bring their own oud
  • emphasis on establishing correct technique, developing sound, learning traditional makam theory and ear training
  • price: 60,00€ per session or 200,00€ per month(4x sessions)