BrückenBauen 2022

Brückenbauen Aktionstage 2022

...Brückenbauen 2022: Wege aus der Isolation...

All parts of society living in Austria, rich and poor, young and old, included in and excluded from society, have been facing strong challenges since March 2020. Fear of the unknown, combined with isolation have been influencing deeply our psychological and mental state. Sharing one’s thoughts and feelings has been getting harder, while at the same time points of view tend to become radical opinions and more and more reasons for separation rather than union rise throughout the population.

ECHOS vision includes the building of bridges between cultures and between people interacting with each other in the universal language of music; a language that touches all above mentioned parts of a society. We aim to overcome the hurds of separation and isolation that these times have been imposing us and this is where our vision meets Brückenbauen

We want to offer the participants an opportunity to broaden their horizons in multiple ways through musical contact and expression as well as to feel this deep human connection that playing music with others provides one with. For the above reasons, we are convinced that 1st ECHOS Academy and Brückenbauen 2022 are excellent complements to each other. Brückenbauen is an excellent platform for ECHOS that creates new musical encounters and bonds.